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TikkTokk Exclusivity Fair-Play - Quick Glance Summary

Exclusivity Implementation
  • Exclusivity is not available for retailers, except OEM and for exceptionally high volumes
  • Prior to awarding exclusivity, TikkTokk may be in exclusivity discussions with numerous parties. All parties will be kept informed by TikkTokk. Appointment is at TikkTokk's discretion ('best fit' and/or 'first come ...').
  • Exclusivity is only considered awarded on receipt of first funds against first container proforma on which there is an exclusivity statement AND on receipt of signed TikkTokk Trading Terms.
  • 1st Year is always on a Trial Basis. Trial Exclusivity auto expires after 12 months.
  • Full/Formal exclusivity is awarded at the end of the trial, based on agreed annual volume commitments and annual increases. Therefore formal exclusivity auto-renews or auto-expires.
  • Exclusivity automatically ceases to exist at any time where payment terms are not met.
Exclusivity 'Playing-field'
  • TikkTokk may not sell Exclusive Products to a competitor (same sector) of an Exclusive Partner, even if the competitor's target market for that product is not in their mutual primary sector.
  • Exclusive Products may be sold by an Exclusive Partner into another sector, only if there is no Exclusive Partner for that product, in that sector.
  • Significant product differences, can lead to creation of new SKU's not under exclusivity and which can be separately allocated to any partner.
  • Exclusivity is per SKU only.
  • Exclusivity is only available in one sector per partner, except where exceptionally high volume commitments are made for an alternate sector. Sectors are: Education Sector, Internet Sector, Retail-Toy Sector [stores] or Retail-Baby Sector [stores].
  • Exclusivity is per country/territory only. OEM is the only exception.
  • TikkTokk may market (including sales visits) the Exclusive Product/s directly to customers of the Exclusive Partner, without notifying the Exclusive Partner but must pass that business to the Exclusive Partner.

(More detail is defined in The TikkTokk Trade Terms)

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