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TikkTokk is a wholesaler whose main focus is to design, develop and sell to retailers on the High-Volume Low-Margin business model.

With the exception of the following two, under no circumstances whatsoever, will TikkTokk ever sell to end users:

1. Product sold off as 'Seconds' due to:

    a. Seconds (e.g. batch problem, damage, used etc)
    b. End of life (e.g. redundant version)
    c. Gross over-stocking (e.g. cancelled customer container)

In all cases, seconds are sold without warranty. TikkTokk partners may, if they choose, purchase seconds at the value listed. No discounts are applicable to seconds.

2. TikkTokk Retail Products

From time to time TikkTokk identifies opportunities not aligned with its primary business of High-Volume Low-Margin. Instead these opportunities are in the Low-Volume High-Margin category and as such present minimal or no opportunity for TikkTokk customers.

However, TikkTokk does not limit its partners from acquiring its Retail Product which is not listed on the TikkTokk wholesale price-list. Partners may purchase TikkTokk Retail Products at the retail price less the discount.

Both of these activities take place through the TikkTokk website.

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