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TikkTokk takes child safety very seriously. In fact Safety is a key guideline in TikkTokk's product development strategy known as AUSSPASS. As a company actively involved in designing and producing children's products, it is the social responsibility that we have toward children, and our customers, that inspires this web page dedicated to safety, including links to other sites discussing [1] Child Safety Issues, [2] Best Of Breed links, [3]our Competitive Safety Analysis', which inform potential users and customers of product dangers and other safety hazards in so far as the products that we are very familiar with, namely our own.

The facts in these Safety Pages and links, including the Competitive Safety Analysis' are all valid at the time of publishing (see published date of each activity/report/link). Whilst legal, as long as factually true, so as not to gain competitive advantage or disadvantage, in comparisons with its own products, TikkTokk does not use the name of the compared product. We request that the responsible parties/owners of the compared product, or anyone else, notify us should items on this website become factually incorrect due to becoming out-dated.


Safety Downloads
PDF Icon2 Australian Compliance Requirements MATRIX for Toys & Nursery Products - April 2013
PDF Icon2 Australian Safety Fact Sheet Playpens
PDF Icon2 International Toys Standard ISO 8124-1 2009


Safety Links
This Link is to Product Safety Australia (govt) website and provides the following: What is regulated and what isn't. Regardless, what to check for.
This Link is to the Australian Toy Associations TOY SAFETY page.


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