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Become a Country Distributor / Wholesaler

As designer and manufacturer of its own high demand, high volume children's products; TIKKTOKK seeks to further enhance its global coverage. Our aim is to ensure efficient coverage per product in each country.

If you are a wholesaler/Distributor in any country with established channels to Educational Retailers and/or Shop Retailers and/or Internet Retailers and are interested in selling TikkTokk products, please contact us via email or via the contact form below:

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Contact Number:
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Product Exclusivity
Note that product exclusivity is not available except in the following instances:

     1. A Country Wholesaler that is fully committed to and represents all TikkTokk products.
     2. An Educational Wholesaler on a SKU or category basis only.

Any exclusivity is on the basis of the standard TikkTokk Exclusivity agreement which provides the first 12 months as a test-period and thereafter requires sufficient volume to remain in place.

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