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Become a Supplier / Factory

TikkTokk mostly designs its own products. Therefore the quality of the factories to which we outsource our designs is of great importance to us. Thus we need know as much about your factory before we engage.

Please note: We only engage directly with factories (not trading companies). If you are not a factory, please do not continue as we will not be able to engage with you.

The process is as follows:

(1) Please Present your ability by providing the following by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
     (i) Provide overview of your company
     (ii) People, Machinery, Turnover, English Speakers, Existing markets and products
     (iii) Display your products/quality/price mix
     (iv) Provide us with four references outside of your country (Europe/Japan/USA)

(2) Pre-approval from TIKKTOKK
     (i) Should we be interested, by return email, we will provide you with a password to unlock our standard Supplier Contract

(3) Initial Engagement on product
     (i) TIKK TOKK will send you drawings and if possible, photos of the product/s that it believes would be appropriate for your factory
     (ii) Please respond by emailing a preliminary quote of the cost to produce the item/product only (excluding packaging)

(4) Sampling and Prototype process
     (i) You will be required to make three perfect samples.
     (ii) Once made we will require sufficient photos, to confirm that all is perfect.
     (iii) Final pricing breakdown confirmation is required and is to include:
           1. All packaging (Inner and outer)
           2. Protective components of the packaging such as polystyrene and plastic covers
           3. All Hardware
           4. All Branding components including plaque
               Please read our packaging specifications
     (iv) Once made , one of the samples/protypes will be freighted to our office and one kept at yours
     (v) TikkTokk will pay the freight Pricing agreement

(5) First order
     Note that TikkTokk views the first order as being higher risk than subsequent orders. Therefore, the first production will be a mini-production and therefore will be LCL or included with one of our other containers

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