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General Customer Information

Realistic Stock Planning

Arming yourselves with the relevant, accurate information clearly allows for better planning decisions and stock levels. Therefore, to assist in calculations, below is a table to be used as a guide to simplify your stock planning/timing; remember to add a week of logistics at the front-end and a week at the back-end of the sailing time to your country.

Our designs are outsourced to many factories, these are the production times of those factories and based on the raw material of the product, most our factories are in the ball-park with each other. As per the table below, for standard unconsolidated (clean) 20ft containers, ‘Estimated Production Time’ is 4 weeks to produce a  20ft shipping container of plastic products and 8 weeks for containers of wood or metal products. "Clean" 40ft productions take 6 and 10 weeks respectively.

Whilst all are approximations, by following these guidelines, we are able to help you ensure that you receive your orders closer to your required receipt date.


Time (est.)
   New/1st Time
   Peak Season
   Chinese New Year   Time
to despatch
   Sailing Time
to country
Stock Planning
(in weeks)
  20ft or 40ft + + + + = + =
Wood 8wk or 10wk + 4wk + 4wk + 2wk + 6wk = .                   . + .                   . = .                         .
Metal 8wk or 10wk + 4wk + 4wk + 2wk + 6wk = .                   . + .                   . = .                         .
Plastic 4wk or 6wk + 4wk + 4wk + 2wk + 6wk = .                   . + .                   . = .                         .



Why is Chinese New Year expected to have a 6 week effect on production times when it is only 2 weeks long?

Using 2014 as an example, The Chinese New Year was on the 30th Jan. The government declared public holidays were 30th Jan to 5th Feb. All of China takes the Mon-Wed before 30th Jan and the Thu and Fri after 5th Feb. So in reality the nationwide CNY public holiday in China started on Friday 24th Jan through to Monday 10th February. i.e. 16 days.

Most factories close for an additional week before or after; some even a week before AND a week after. So allow for at least 7 days for this. Now 23 days. (16 +7)

To make matters worse, mostly due to the public transport system overload; (since this is the biggest annual migration of people anywhere in the world) workers often leave a week before the factory has decided to close. On top of that most factories, when they do open, need time to rehire and retrain workers. Now add approximately another 14 days, so total 37 days; TikkTokk uses a realistic factor of 6 weeks for Chinese New Year.


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